4 Types Of Plant-Based Packaging Every Business Needs To Know

Wondering about plant-based packaging? Here are 4 types to get you started!
September 5, 2022
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For eco-conscious companies, plant-based packaging is a fantastic alternative to further reinforce your sustainability pledge and appeal to like-minded customers who strive for change. In fact, a recent Accenture study showed that consumers would pay more for sustainable products with plant-based packaging. But what is plant-based packaging? Is it really sustainable? Ahead, is all the information you need to know about the different types of plant-based packaging and how they can benefit your business.

What is plant-based packaging?

As the name suggests, plant-based packaging is made from organic matter and renewable vegetal sources that, unlike traditional, man-made materials, require fossil fuels traditionally associated with plastic. On top of that, plant-based packaging is compostable which means that it won’t only reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill but also produces no toxins as it breaks down.

Tetra Pak was the first ever company in the entire food and beverage that decided to make 100% plant-based milk carton packaging. Coca-Cola also jumped on the trend with 100% plant-based PET plastic bottles crafted from natural sugars found in plants. But during the last 3 years, hundreds of eco-conscious companies begin to explore plant-based materials as sustainable packaging solutions.

So, what’s the best plant-based packaging solution for your business? Well, there are many different options to explore.

4 Types of Plant-Based Packaging  


Bagasse aka Sugarcane residue derives from crushed sugarcane stalks which are collected, processed, and molded to be used as printing paper, newspaper, cardboard, plywood, takeaway containers, and of course, food packaging. This eco alternative is microwave and freezer friendly, sturdy, and grease resistant -which makes it perfect for wet or oily foods. Companies like Ecostore, Filippa K, and MUD Jeans are only a few examples of how sugarcane packaging can upgrade the entire shopping experience for eco-conscious customers.


Mushroom packaging is made from mycelium (a specific fungus found in mushrooms). It is a highly durable yet lightweight material that is perfect for shipping. In fact, IKEA has recently started using this shock-absorbent, sustainable packaging alternative that requires very low energy and is biodegradable and compostable. Several other retailers and e-commerce stores including Dell and Crate & Barrel have also tapped into this eco-conscious packaging idea.

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Biodegradable and almost zero-waste, seaweed is collected and processed without the use of any chemicals. It can be cultivated and harvested with very little impact on the environment. The bonus is that due to its plastic-like appearance, it can work as a fantastic eco packaging alternative for pretty much everything. Many brands have started using seaweed packaging including High Peak Finland and Stockmann department stores. 

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Rice husk

Another fantastic plant-based packaging alternative is nonother than rice husk. The low-cost, renewable, and biodegradable material is a byproduct of rice farming. Aside from being eco-friendly, rice husk is proven to have bio-adsorbent properties. This means it holds the ability to absorb pollutants from its surrounding environment. Many companies have been using this material as a substitute for styrene - the most well-known packaging of electronics and food. A great example is the award-winning, 100% biodegradable rice husk packaging of the AORUS X7 gaming laptop.

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Having sustainable packaging solutions is a great way to not only adopt more eco-centered values as a business but also cater to an even bigger customer base that's highly interested in sustainability. Luckily in 2022, there is no shortage of plant-based packaging options, ready to cater to your own, individual business needs.

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