5 Free Transformative Sustainability Trainings

Uncover five free trainings designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to drive a more sustainable future.
Lalita Tandayu
August 31, 2023
5 minutes

In today's dynamic business landscape, the importance of embracing sustainability goes beyond just a mere trend. It has transformed into a pivotal factor that not only shapes a company's reputation but also determines its impact and future success. In an era where 87% of consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental and social consequences of their choices, organisations are finding themselves under greater scrutiny for their practices and policies. This has elevated sustainability from being a choice to a necessity.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world, businesses are recognizing that their survival and success are intricately linked to their ability to adapt and embrace sustainability. And in this journey, the role of ongoing education and training cannot be understated. That's precisely why we've curated a selection of five remarkable free sustainability training resources.

Sustainability Training and Courses Aligned with Business Needs

1- Digital4Sustainability Learning Path

The Digital4Sustainability Learning Path training is a collaborative initiative by the UNEP, UNSSC, GIZ, the EU, CODES, and the UN Technology Envoy. This comprehensive learning journey delves into the fusion of digital technology and sustainability, exploring how cutting-edge solutions can drive environmental progress. With modules such as "Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development" and "Digital Sustainability for Climate Action," this training path introduces key concepts, real-world applications, and the role of digital transformation in countering climate change.

Digital4Sustainability Learning Path | UNSSC | United Nations System Staff  College

2- Circular Economy: The Big Idea

Developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this three-week course is your gateway to understanding the origins, principles, and potential of the circular economy. Kicking off with a thorough exploration of our current linear economy's constraints, the course introduces the circular economy as a revolutionary alternative. By taking this course, you will be able to navigate systems diagrams to manage material flows, analyse real-life case studies of successful circular business models, and delve into the policy development crucial for advancing circularity.

3- The Net-Zero Standard

This enlightening training by the United Nations unveils the essential aspects of the Net-Zero Standard, ensuring a profound comprehension of this critical corporate imperative. Through this concise yet impactful course, you'll delve into the intricacies of the Standard, equipping yourself with the knowledge to establish science-based net-zero targets in alignment with curbing global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Sharpen your company's climate strategy, both in the short and long term, as you navigate the dynamic intersection of business and climate science.

4- Sustainable Business

This course, designed to bridge ecological and business perspectives, delves into the emergence of Green HR, a sustainable approach to human resources, and explores various sustainability models. Navigate the complexities of sustainable business as the course probes mindset shifts, barriers and drivers of change, sustainable return on investment, and the crucial role of HR in nurturing corporate human sustainability.


5- The SDG Primer

The SDG Primer training offers a foundational understanding and strategic approach to guide the United Nations system in its support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The training underscores the crucial role of collaboration between the UN system, government bodies, and civil society partners in the pursuit of the SDGs. Upon completing the training successfully, participants will be able to achieve a certification.


The journey towards sustainability is a shared endeavour, requiring collective efforts from all stakeholders. These five free sustainability training resources offer not only an education in principles and practices but also a compass pointing towards responsible business growth. By equipping yourself and your team with these insights, you're not just staying ahead of the curve; you're playing a role in reshaping the future of commerce—one that is both prosperous and harmonious with our planet's well-being.