5 Environmental Awareness Seminars & Training Courses For Your Team

Want to help engage your team in your environmental initiatives? We've compiled a list of 5 environmental awareness seminars and trainings for your employees.
August 10, 2022
5 minutes

It goes without saying that the implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures is no longer just an option, but a true necessity. The majority of employees are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies with most of them agreeing that sustainability can have a positive impact on their engagement, retention, performance, and well-being.

Climate-positive action from companies, such as offering the opportunity to participate in environmental awareness seminars and training courses, provide employees with the opportunity to learn and extend their knowledge and gain a brand new perspective on social or ecological causes. Additionally, management and employees alike will get a better idea of environmental regulatory issues affecting the organization, which will help your company comply with rules and regulations.


Best environmental awareness seminars for employees

Climate Fresk

Climate Fresk aims to help individuals understand the true impacts of climate change through collaborative workshops that mobilize people into action. The entire fun and interactive project is based on a 42 cards game. For 3 hours, participants will familiarize themselves with the issue, gain a fundamental overview of climate change and discuss actionable solutions.


susGain Employee Engagement

susGain offers 4-6 weeks long Employee Engagement programmes to help organizations reach their ESG goals by empowering climate-focused and ESG-centered thinking. Their programmes involve a gamified experience in which employees can earn points for their eco-conscious habits using the susGain app. The aim is to drive long-term behavioural change within the company and instil a ‘sustainability first’ mindset in the employees.


Green Business Bureau Corporate Sustainability Training

With in-person, online, and hybrid educational courses, this program aims to develop sustainability competence for all employees based on the company’s ESG. During the training, participants will gain knowledge on recycling and waste management, recycling and waste management, resource use reduction and efficiency, sustainability communication and reporting, sustainability team leadership, engagement and wellbeing, procurement and supply chain management as well as financial impact and metrics.


SUMAS Corporate Training Programs

Suma’s 6 different short, intensive courses are designed to upskill employees in sustainability management. The online or in-office training lasts from one to three days and participants will be presented with a certificate upon completion. Employees can gain valuable knowledge on sustainability management procurement and managing a sustainable supply chain, becoming a leader in sustainable business and innovation, corporate social responsibility, finance, and digital innovation, or innovating in marketing and branding through green practices.


Environment for Business | IOSH

Environment for Business is a great training course for everyone with a management or supervisory position who wants to integrate environmental management through practical guidance into the company’s business activities. With real-life examples, practical action, and thought-provoking facts, managers will learn how to get staff more active and involved in making the workplace more environmentally robust, improve its environmental awareness culture and measure their own environmental performance among many other benefits.


The aforementioned environmental awareness seminars will not only help employees become more engaged within the business but also ensure that your company has the best chance at environmental compliance. And while it’s very important to keep your workforce happy and engaged, if you see it from a marketing perspective, potential like-minded customers will also appreciate your socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible actions.