Meet TEORRA's Impact Data Dashboard

Unlock the power of sustainability with TEORRA's Impact Data Dashboard and QR tools, putting you in control of your responsible sourcing journey.
September 7, 2023
5 minutes

At TEORRA, we are dedicated to revolutionizing sustainable sourcing. As part of our commitment to transparency and sustainability, we developed 2 platform features that empower every TEORRA buyer: the Impact Data Dashboard and QR Code Generator.

1- Sustainable Impact Data Dashboard

The Sustainable Impact Data Dashboard is your compass on the path to responsible sourcing. We firmly believe that understanding the environmental and social impact of your procurement decisions is the cornerstone of responsible business practices.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Tracking Dashboard equips you with the qualitative information needed to make procurement decisions that harmonize with your sustainability goals. It's your tool to drive positive change and forge a meaningful impact on the environment and society.

To log into your Impact Dashboard, simply log on with your buyer credentials, click on your profile picture, go to panel, and "Impact Data".

Save time, tracking your Impact Data in one place

1- Supplier Locations: Uncover the global location of your suppliers. Understanding where your supply chain is helps you make informed choices regarding transportation and environmental considerations.

2- Product Sustainability Credentials: Track the sustainability attributes of the products you procure. Are they biodegradable, recycled, or crafted from eco-friendly materials? We track insights into each product's environmental impact.

3- Supplier Sustainability Practices: Gain insights into the sustainability practices of your suppliers. Are they dedicated to ethical sourcing, fair labor practices, and eco-conscious production methods? Track all the details, in one place.

4- Supplier Certifications: Keep track of your suppliers certifications for their eco-friendly and ethical practices. Trust and credibility are paramount, and we ensure you have access to this vital information.

5- Supplier Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Commitments: Explore how your suppliers contribute to the United Nations SDGs. Witness their commitments to building a better future for all.

2- QR Code Generator

Share your sustainability journey

That's not all! Beyond tracking your impact data, TEORRA empowers you to share your sustainability journey with your clients effortlessly through QR codes. With our QR Code Generator, you can create custom QR codes that link directly to your Impact Data Dashboard.

How It Works

1- Generate Your QR Code: With just one click, create a unique QR code linked to your Impact Data Dashboard, by selecting "Get QR Code".

2- Add It Anywhere: Place the QR code on your website, products, or marketing materials.

3- Accessible Sustainability: Clients who scan the QR code gain immediate access to your Impact Data Dashboard, showcasing your commitment to a better world.

4- Demonstrate Transparency: Show your clients the positive impact you're making through your sustainable sourcing efforts.

Note that this is V1 of our Impact Data Dashboard and QR Code Generator. Stay tuned for upcoming features that will allow you to track data such as CO2 emissions or water consumption, and compare the impact of sustainable products against non-sustainable alternatives.

With TEORRA, you don't just source sustainably; you proudly communicate it to the world.

Ready to embark on a sustainable journey like never before? Log in to your TEORRA account now and explore the Sustainable Supply Chain Tracking Dashboard and QR Code Generator.

At TEORRA, we're your partners in sustainability every step of the way.

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