Longevity Unveiled: Singapore Becomes the 6th Blue Zone

Singapore's journey and unique elements as the 6th Blue Zone, shedding light on a healthier, happier life
November 6, 2023
4 minutes

In our quest for a longer and healthier life, the concept of Blue Zones has taken centre stage. They are known for their residents' remarkable longevity and well-being. Singapore, an unconventional but noteworthy addition to this prestigious list, was declared the 6th Blue Zone in August by Dan Buettner, an American National Geographic Fellow and renowned author. Singapore's journey towards becoming a Blue Zone unveils a fascinating interplay of factors that enhance life expectancy.

What is a Blue Zone?

Blue Zones are specific geographic regions or communities worldwide where people have longer life expectancies and tend to live healthier lives when compared with the global average. These regions represent more than just geographical locations; they are symbols of vibrant well-being. Residents in Blue Zones enjoy longer life expectancies and tend to lead healthier lives compared to the global average. The secret behind their extended lifespans and overall vitality lies in a unique blend of lifestyle choices and environmental factors that positively impact their well-being.

In a world filled with the pressures of modern living, these pockets of longevity offer insights into how we can lead healthier and happier lives, no matter where we reside.

How Singapore Became the 6th Blue Zone

Singapore may not be a traditional Blue Zone, but it does have several characteristics that contribute to a healthier and longer life expectancy for its residents. Some of the factors that can be associated include:

1- Healthcare System: 

Singapore boasts a well-developed healthcare system that provides residents access to high-quality medical care and services. This accessibility to healthcare plays a vital role in maintaining the health of its citizens. Regular check-ups, early disease detection, and prompt treatment contribute to a healthier populace.

2- Singapore's Food Environment: 

Historically, Singapore's food environment included dietary options high in oil and sugar. In response to the need for healthier eating habits, the government introduced the "Healthier Choice" symbol. This symbol identifies healthier food options, making it easier for consumers to make informed and health-conscious choices.

3- Clean Environment: 

Singapore places a strong emphasis on cleanliness and environmental sustainability, which not only contributes to the aesthetics of the city but also positively impacts public health. A clean environment provides a healthier backdrop for residents' daily lives and creates a pleasant living environment, free from the health hazards often associated with pollution and litter.

4- Physical Activity: 

A culture that promotes active living, alongside access to parks and recreational facilities, has led many Singaporeans to engage in regular physical activity. Regular exercise is known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, promote mental well-being, and enhance overall physical health. This is an essential component of a long and healthy life.

What are the other 5 Blue Zones in the World?

While Singapore's addition to the list of Blue Zones is noteworthy, it's important to remember that five other regions in the world have previously earned this distinction. They are:

  1. Okinawa, Japan
  2. Sardinia, Italy
  3. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  4. Icaria, Greece
  5. Loma Linda, California, USA

Each region presents unique insights into what contributes to a long and healthy life. As we explore the characteristics that define these Blue Zones, it becomes clear that there isn't a one-size-fits-all formula for longevity. Instead, these regions provide us with valuable lessons and inspire us to make choices that promote health, well-being, and, ultimately, a longer life.


Singapore's recognition as the 6th Blue Zone is a testament to the power of intentional choices and supportive environments. This city-state's journey toward a healthier, longer life highlights the significance of accessible healthcare, informed dietary choices, a clean living space, and a commitment to physical activity. The path to a fulfilling and healthy life is a shared endeavour. By embracing the lessons from Singapore and other Blue Zones worldwide, we can collectively enhance our well-being, extend our longevity, and envision a future where vibrant health is a realistic aspiration for all.