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TEORRA connects you directly with buyers that actively want the products you have for sale.

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TEORRA Home Image
TEORRA Home Image

Become a supplier today so you can:

Get more customers

On traditional platforms, getting new customers is a resource-intensive process. Your sales representatives can spend hours trying to track down a lead, only for them not to convert. 

TEORRA matches you directly with customers who need the products you sell. Buyers are more likely to convert when you have exactly what they’re looking for.

Increase online visibility

Competing with non-sustainable products makes it hard for customers to find you and overloads them with product options. 

By selling on TEORRA, you’ll eliminate competition and be discovered easily by customers.

Create customer loyalty

Keeping customers and extending their lifetime value is key to business growth.

With TEORRA, you can effortlessly maintain two-way communication and ensure your buyer's experience is smooth and efficient.

Start Selling Today!

1. Sign Up
as a supplier on
2. Complete
the vetting form and tell us how your business is sustainable
3. Create
your store and add your products
4. Receive
requests from buyers
the vetting form which will highlight the sustainable aspects of your brand
while we verify your sustainability claims and ensure your business is an appropriate fit for our buyers
your store, add your products and fill out the requested information on your brand characteristics
requests from several buyers

Attract the right buyers

Buyers are more likely to continue to purchase from you when you’re playing an active role in their business. TEORRA allows you to showcase your credentials and sustainability goals on your custom store front.

Potential buyers will know what your mission is, and be more inclined to purchase from you if your visions align.

Maintain full control over your business

You don’t have to give up control over minimum order quantities or abandon pre-existing systems you have in place. This is your business. You can set your parameters based on what will set you up for success.

Facilitate business with your pre-established supply chains and relationships.

Manage your store with ease

Managing a digital storefront doesn’t need to be complicated.

With TEORRA’s easy-to-use dashboard you can:

1. Easily import products
2.Add product photos
3. Edit product descriptions
4, Update order quantities
5. Update pricing
And more…

All in real time.

Optimize your storefront

You don’t have to guess about what’s working and what isn’t for your storefront. As a TEORRA supplier, you’ll have full access to data and insights highlighting your store's performance.

These metrics include:

1. Top selling products
2. Store traffic
3. Order trends
4. Product trends
5. Revenue
And more…

This data can be used to fully optimize your business for increased conversion rates and revenue.

Supercharge your business with marketing

You can grow your business organically on TEORRA - but sometimes you want an extra boost. Run paid ads on winning products to drastically increase revenue. Test the response on a potential product offering. Or give a product launch a big kick-start.

With TEORRA’s marketing systems you can open your door to even more customers.