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The world is shifting towards sustainability

But it’s been difficult for businesses to keep up

With all eyes on climate change -  the demand for sustainable businesses is rapidly expanding. But until now, sustainable products have been inaccessible to many businesses.

TEORRA is the first global marketplace that makes it simple for you to access certified sustainable suppliers. We make incorporating sustainability into your business easy.

We’re a smart marketplace that does the work for you

Say goodbye to scrolling through page after page of products - struggling to find a product and supplier that’s right for your brand.

With TEORRA, finding the perfect supplier takes less than 5 minutes.
We analyze your business, product specifications, certifications and sustainability goals to connect you with the right suppliers every time. Our data-driven process ensures you’ll be matched with suppliers that can truly fulfill your needs - all in a matter of minutes!

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We verify sustainable suppliers for you

Authenticating suppliers’ sustainability claims can be astonishingly difficult - not to mention time-consuming and costly. Through our in-depth vetting process, we verify suppliers' products and business practices for you. We ensure that every supplier you work with is every bit as sustainable as they claim.

You’ll be able to shift your business towards sustainability with confidence and ease.

🤝 Instantly connect with vetted suppliers

Connecting through email, Whatsapp, Wechat etc. is complicated and confusing. Don’t even get us started on trying to connect with suppliers in person.

With TEORRA, you can instantly connect and chat with suppliers through our built-in messaging platform.
You’ll save time and resources that can be put towards growing your business in other ways.

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🌏 Get full transparency around the products you buy  

On traditional platforms, it can be hard to know if suppliers are truly sustainability-focused - or if they’re just exploiting market trends. TEORRA’s custom badges allow you to see exactly what sustainability goals a supplier has and how their products help accomplish them. 

With full transparency you can work with suppliers whose goals support yours and your customers.

💳 Transact directly on our platform

Sending payments across borders can be stressful, complicated and costly. We’ve partnered with leading payment providers so you can transact instantly, with low fees and escrow protection.

You’ll be able to transact safely and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Track the impact of your purchases
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📈 Track your environmental impact  

It can be tricky to know if the sustainable products you’re using actually make a difference. TEORRA lets you track the environmental impact you’re making over time. Every order will bring you one step closer to your sustainability goals.

Communicate this back to your customers and establish your business as a leader in sustainability.

Better business for a better future

The world is changing rapidly and it’s businesses like yours that help create positive change. When you source with TEORRA you help lead the transition to sustainable business practices.

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