5 brands using smart Sustainable Packaging

Packaging that turns into cat houses? 😺 Sign us up! Learn about 5 brands using sustainable packaging innovations we love right now!
February 24, 2022
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When it comes to sustainable buying, just like the products we purchase, the packaging it comes in has an equally significant role to play in the climate fight. The purpose of purchasing a sustainably-made product is defeated if its packaging has a high carbon footprint and is detrimental to the environment.

Here are 5 examples we love of brands using smart sustainable packaging:

Lush’s naked packaging

Photo: Lush
Image source: Lush

Lush’s naked line - a range of products that are packaging-free, makes up 65% of its entire product range. The rest of its products are sold in 100% post-consumer plastic and can be recycled. For online orders, their products are packed with biodegradable packing peanuts and shipped in cardboard boxes made of recycled and recyclable material. Even Lush’s gift wrapping services are sustainable! They phased out wrapping paper and replaced it with knot-wraps: scarves made of organic cotton or from recycled plastic bottles.

Blueland’s 100% paper-based packaging and fully compostable sachets

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Image source: Blueland

With their mission of cutting down plastic usage in everyday cleaning products, Blueland not only exemplifies that in through their products, but also through their packaging. Blueland’s solid tablet refills for products such as handwash and home cleaners are packed in fully compostable sachets and shipped in paper envelope or cardboard boxes with paper padding - all of which are made of recycled content and fully recyclable.

Samsung’s new ‘Eco-Packaging’ can be repurposed into household items, such as houses for pets!

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Image source: Samsung

Made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, the improved new packaging for Samsung’s The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, has a dot matrix design on each side of the boxes and a QR code printed on the box. When scanned, the QR code provides a manual to guide users through the process of repurposing the cardboard boxes into household items such as small end tables or houses for pets!

Allbirds’ FSC certified boxes

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Image source: Allbirds

In their journey towards being completely carbon neutral, Allbirds’ boxes are only made of FSC certified paper, and uses 90% post-consumer recycled material. These boxes are not only used for online orders, but also in their retail stores, where they utilize rope to create a handle for carrying.

BOXED Water’s cardboard bottle

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Image source: Unsplash

BOXED Water takes into consideration the ease and convenience a single-use plastic bottled water brings, but acknowledges its detrimental environmental impact. Thus, BOXED Water was created - 75% paper, 100% recyclable, and shipped flat to its refilling points to minimise the carbon footprint of transportation.

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[Header image courtesy of Samsung, Blueland, Allbirds, Lush and Boxed]