6 Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas For 2022

Looking for a perfect corporate gift? Check out these sustainable gift ideas for 2022!
August 3, 2022
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Granted, finding the perfect sustainable present for your friends and family is definitely a struggle, but when it comes to corporate gifting that aligns with the company’s strong ESG proposition, the hunt becomes significantly more complicated.

Amidst ongoing environmental crises, businesses are looking for ways to not only reduce their own carbon footprint but also inspire their employees to live a more green-minded lifestyle in the process. Now, if you take into consideration that employees are more likely to work for a company with robust environmental policies, corporate social responsibility seems like the only way forward.

Whether you need a little green-guidance to help you find gifts for your team, or are just became in charge of corporate gifting to awe your always-hard-to-impress boss, have a look at the list of the corporate sustainable Gift Ideas For 2022, ahead.

The 6 Best Sustainability Corporate Gift Ideas

Sustainable apparel

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The truth is out; 67% of consumers consider sustainable materials to be a factor in purchasing a fashion item and most likely, your employees are also interested in sustainable fashion. There is an array of ethical fashion brands that use eco-conscious materials like organic cotton (which can be grown using 91% less water than its non-organic counterpart) to craft branded organic cotton t-shirts.

Another great idea for corporate gifting that falls under the same category is caps made from recycled plastic which can reduce emissions by up to 32% compared to virgin polyester while eliminating waste from the environment.

Environmentally friendly notebooks and eco pens

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When it comes to sustainable Corporate Gifting, eco-friendly notebook and pens for writing, sketching, or doodling (outside of office hours, of course) are great ideas! In 2022, eco stationery brands often offer customizable options as well so you can freely print your company’s logo on the brand new notebooks for an extra marketing boost.

Aside from having a beautiful aesthetic, some sustainable notebooks come with cork covers and acid-free pages which are100% recyclable. If you want to take sustainability to a whole new level, choose plantable seed pens that are made of recycled paper. Once they reach the end of their lifecycle, these pens can be planted into the soil; the seed will sprout from the bottom of the pen, and depending on your choice, it will grow herbs, flowers, and more!

Sustainable, recycled bags

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If you've got more than a few colleagues or employees on your list, sustainable bags made from recycled plastic are perfect for corporate gifting. Show your corporate social responsibility even more with a versatile recycled PET bag that is lightweight, durable, and recyclable. The options are seemingly endless; from backpack to messenger bags and tote bags, ultimately, everything depends on your budget.

Bamboo Electronics  

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You already know it, bamboo is at the forefront of the sustainability sphere. This material self-regenerates from its own roots, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, is biodegradable, and requires significantly less water than most corps. The most exciting part? There are numerous electronics made from this renewable fiber that can boost your company’s green image! From wireless charging pad sand Bluetooth speakers to Pods from d all-natural bamboo wood, there is something for everyone.

Reusable coffee cups  

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Globally to date, there are about 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world – and 6.3 billion tons of that is trash. Companies with strong corporate social responsibility encourage employees to recycle, but fantastic sustainable-focused companies offer practical solutions. Thus, reusable coffee cups are ideal for corporate gifting. Some great options are made from recyclable plastic, glass, or bamboo fiber while others are crafted solely from 100% hand-blown glass.

Tree Planting

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In 2022, there are plenty of ways to contribute to a greener planet through corporate gifting. You can donate a set amount on behand of your employees to a plant a tree fund and present them with the certification upon receiving it. Tree-planting is one of the most effective, yet simple ways for companies to impress key stakeholders with a gift they’ll remember.  

From eco-friendly notebooks for organized go-getters to sustainable coffee cups for caffeine enthusiasts and certificates for soon-to-be plant parents, the corporate gifting options are many! And remember, by building strong corporate social responsibility strategies, your will foster company longevity, improved reputation, and more new customers who value sustainability the most.

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